Best Cleanser for: Acne

The struggle with acne is real. It’s not only annoying but it can be embarassing. There are so many cleansers on the market that claim to be the best and greatest product but HOW do you choose one? Walking in the skin care aisle can be so overwhelming if you don’t know what to look for or understand what your skin needs. Below you will find my tips on what to look for in a product, what to avoid, and my FAVORITE acne cleansers.

Naturally Based Products

First, you need to look for cleansers that are made with naturally based ingredients. The products you see in the drug store often contain chemicals that actually will do your skin and your body more harm

than good. This includes things like:  parabens, phtalates, artificial fragrance, SLS/SLES. These products can not only irritate and inflame the skin but some

of them actually affect horomone balance in the body and some even have links to cancer. Of

course, for products to have some shelf life they do contain preservatives. Nobody wants to wash their face with moldly cream/cleansers. But you can find products that contain naturally based ingreidents that will actually reduce your acne and brighten your skin more so than what you would normally find in a drug store.

Gentle Exfoliation

Yes, that is right I said gentle exfoliation. I don’t mean something harsh that is going to be too abrasive. Look for a cleanser that you have the ability to use daily with a little bit of scrubby in it. This will help remove dry, dead skin cells from the surface of your skin that can build up and cause acne. For instance ingredients like: jojoba beads, peach seed powder, bamboo stem powder and rice powder are great exfoliators but are gentle enough to use daily.

Still not sold on daily GENTLE exfoliation? That’s okay we have other options!

If your not comfortable with the idea of a little bit of scrubby everyday that is okay i’ve got options for you girl! Products that contain kaolin clay or illite clay can be great for acne as they absorb excess oils and impurities in the skin. Sulfur is great for reducing bacteria and decongesting pores. Or cleansers with salacylic acid or lactic acid  will gently dissolve dead, dry skin cells helping to reduce clogged pores!

Toner, toner, toner 

If you suffer from acne you probably have acne scars and dark spots. Look for a product with toning ingredients that will not only reduce your acne but it will simultaneously tone and brighten the skin on your face. Toning products will not totally make acne go away but it will help keep pores clear and prevent minor blemishes and blackheads. A great naturally based toning ingredient are essential oils like grapefruit or peppermint essential oil.

Moisture & hydration….FOR ACNE!? Yes indeed!

When using most cleansers they clean your skin and can strip it of the natural hydration and moisture your skin provides for itself. It is important that while cleansing your adding moisture and hydration back into your skin. Removing and stripping your skin of moisture can cause overproduction of the skins natural oils and will actually causing acne. This is why a lot of drug store products that are not naturally based aren’t helping your acne. They are too harsh and strip your skin causing it to overproduce oils therefore actually causing acne. Aloe vera is a great ingredient to look for in a cleanser that will help keep your skin moist while soothing your skin.


It is important to find products that will provide your skin with nourishment. Kind of like eating a healthy diet but it is a diet for healthy skin. Things like sunflower seed oil can help prevent skin damage with lots of vitamin E. Matcha Green Tea is a great ingredient full of antioxidants to help reduce redness and irritation caused by environmental pollutants.

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